In this episode, I had a great (two part, lightning interrupted) visit with one of the most talented photographers and storytellers in the world, Adam Bannister.

Adam runs the photography studio at Angama Mara, one of the most incredible safari lodges in the world sitting on the rim of the Great Rift Valley overlooking the Maasai Mara in Kenya. I had the chance to work alongside Adam and his team in 2019 with GRITMEDIA, experiencing all the Mara has to offer under the guiding of Adam and his staff. In this episode we talk about literally having the key to the Maasai Mara during the COVID lockdown, watching the ecosystem evolve, understanding animal behavior and photo tips on how to best capture them while on safari.

We also discuss The Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year Contest which Adam has been instrumental in organizing the past four years. This episode is a real treat and shows off some mind-blowing photos that Adam has been able to capture throughout his experience on the Mara.

Check out Adam’s work on Instagram: @Adam_Bannister_Wildlife