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Growing up in Minnesota has provided no shortage of inspiration for artist Matt Addington.  From the glass-like waters of the north to the rolling wooded hills of his farm south in the Sogn Valley, Matt has created magnificent landscapes and captured images of the wildlife and lifestyle abundant in his home state.  And he’s spent his life capturing images for industry clients; hunting, fishing, and seeking adventure all around the world from above the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the rugged western Rocky Mountains to wild savannah of equatorial Africa to the wide open prairies of Middle America.

Matt has paddled the canoe, traversed the ridge, and sat quietly in tree stands.  He has summited over twenty five 14,000 foot peaks and guided folks through the mountains of southern Colorado and untouched waters in northern Minnesota and Canada.  He gets it…and this translates into his images.  There is nothing false about this work.  The authenticity of his passion for the outdoors is apparent in every click of the shutter.

Matt received his Bachelor’s Degree in art from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD and his Master’s Degree from Winona State University. In addition to his passion for shooting in the outdoors industry, he is an educator and award winning portrait & wedding photographer where he incorporates his gift for outdoor imagery into the photos he creates.

Though Matt’s traveled the world with his cameras, he lives with his wife and three children on a farm overlooking Sogn Valley south of Cannon Falls, MN where he spends much time hunting whitetails, turkeys and morel mushrooms as well as making maple syrup.

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Happy International Cheetah Day. Though I’m a day late, I’m thankful to have been in her presence for a couple hours. What an absolutely incredible creature that God made in these cats. Dr. Laurie Marker established the Cheetah Conservation Fund (@ccfcheetah) in Namibia in 1990 to preserve the legacy of these big cats. There are only 7000 left making them Africa’s most endangered feline. There are considerably less cheetahs than lions, rhinos and elephants in our world, mostly on the decline due to habitat loss. #internationalcheetahday #cheetahday #safari #outdoorphotographer #africa #wild #bigcat #lion #simba #pride #safariphotography #gritmedia #fujifilm #wildlifephotography
⚠️ Now interrupting a steady stream of Africa photos to share my favorite.
Warrior Sinoni. So awesome to get to share some time around the Maasai people in Kenya. “Fred” is a friend of many and a wonderful ambassador of his tribe with visitors to @angamasafari and the Mara.
In the Eyes. I’ve been lucky enough to be on safari several times. It wasn’t until this last trip that I was able to get the one shot I’ve always wanted. The bucket shot, I guess. I’ve always loved lions. Something about them just strikes fear, respect and ultimate admiration. Jesus was called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and there’s something just incredibly majestic in that. So the shot I’ve sought was the one that’s been done a million times...the staring male lion. But I wanted for me. Where I knew the King was looking ME right in the eye. And I was blessed enough to get it. Unfortunately, this guy was injured, likely in a battle the night before. His front left shoulder was pretty banged up and he didn’t want to move around a whole lot. But we got to spend a fair amount of time just admiring and photographing him. And for that, I’m very thankful. In addition to the memory of his eyes piercing mine, he’ll adorn a special spot on the wall in our home.#safari #outdoorphotographer #africa #wild #bigcat #lion #simba #pride #safariphotography #gritmedia #fujifilm #wildlifephotography #lionking #lionofthetribeofjudah
Perspective. A giraffe family wanders the early morning red sands of Namibia. • • • . . . . . #outdoorphotographer #animallovers #animalpolis #animalsofinstagram #igscwildlife #animales #exclusive_animals #wildlifephoto #naturephoto #main_vision #landscape_captures #awesome_earthpix #natureaddict #gritmedia #awesomeearth #nature_wizards #giraffe #allnatureshots #afrika #igs_africa #afrique #super_africa #ig_africa #dji #djimavic #dronestagram #drones
Giving Thanks Everyday.
Always Golden Light. The mornings and evenings on the Mara were just the most indescribable light. Had to just soak it up.#safari #outdoorphotographer #africa #wild #zebra #safariphotography #gritmedia #fujifilm #wildlifephotography #sunset #goldenhour
A King in Waiting. I was awestruck by the lions of the Maasai Mara. They are so majestic and true Kings of the Jungle.#safari #outdoorphotographer #africa #wild #bigcat #lion #simba #pride #safariphotography #gritmedia #fujifilm #wildlifephotography
Possession. I got to see amazing things for almost three weeks in Africa. It was a constant juggling of expensive camera bodies, lenses, SD cards, hard drives and general “gear” stuff. At the end of the work part of the trip I snuck off to reconnect with my Kenya family for a quick 18 hours. I got to attend church last Sunday at a rescue center for orphan and street kids. Maybe the most powerful photo I captured on this entire trip was of this young girl. She came to church that day with one of her only possessions...her bible. And she held it tight with the incredible value that only the Word of God deserves.
Stealthy. We had so many cool encounters with big cats on the Maasai Mara. My apologies in advance for a steady stream of photos of the sexiest, high octane cat out there.#safari #outdoorphotographer #africa #wild #bigcat #cheetah #gritmedia #fujifilm #wildlifephotography
Staredown. Pretty incredible to be on the ground, face to face with such a beautifully prehistoric creature. The part of this shot you don’t see is the female with a calf that moved around to the right and proceeded to bluff charge @johnhafnerphoto and I while ripping off frames. She was either annoyed that we weren’t focused on her or uneasy with a couple mizungu photogs being in proximity to her baby. #safari #outdoorphotographer #africa #wild #rhino #aru #gritmedia #fujifilm #wildlifephotography
Zebras Run Wild.
Life on the Maasai Mara. Literally sifting through terabytes of photos and video from my time on the Mara with @_gritmedia_ and @angamasafari. The light, color, sounds, animals and people of the Mara were woven together into a beauty that’s hard to articulate. I’ll continue to share a few images and video along the way that hopefully tell a fraction of the story of this amazing place.
The last sunlight fades on an incredible couple weeks of work with @_gritmedia_ in Africa. I’m so blessed to work alongside amazing people while taking in truly awe-inspiring things not many eyes get to see. Though I’m very anxious to share many of these images, video and stories, I’m reminded home is still my favorite place on earth.
Good luck to all the MN gun hunters donning the blaze orange tomorrow. Be safe.