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Growing up in Minnesota has provided no shortage of inspiration for artist Matt Addington.  From the glass-like waters of the north to the rolling wooded hills of his farm south in the Sogn Valley, Matt has created magnificent landscapes and captured images of the wildlife and lifestyle abundant in his home state.  And he’s spent his life capturing images for industry clients; hunting, fishing, and seeking adventure all around the world from above the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the rugged western Rocky Mountains to wild savannah of equatorial Africa to the wide open prairies of Middle America.

Matt has paddled the canoe, traversed the ridge, and sat quietly in tree stands.  He has summited over twenty five 14,000 foot peaks and guided folks through the mountains of southern Colorado and untouched waters in northern Minnesota and Canada.  He gets it…and this translates into his images.  There is nothing false about this work.  The authenticity of his passion for the outdoors is apparent in every click of the shutter.

Matt received his Bachelor’s Degree in art from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD and his Master’s Degree from Winona State University. In addition to his passion for shooting in the outdoors industry, he is an educator and award winning portrait & wedding photographer where he incorporates his gift for outdoor imagery into the photos he creates.

Though Matt’s traveled the world with his cameras, he lives with his wife and three children on a farm overlooking Sogn Valley south of Cannon Falls, MN where he spends much time hunting whitetails, turkeys and morel mushrooms as well as making maple syrup.

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Get it in the ground. • • • #planting #plant19 #soybeans #corn #johndeere #farming #agriculture #drone #aerial #thisismyMN #onlyinMN #agphotographer
These Boots. They’ve seen and listened a lot. Kicked a lot of dirt around during everyday conversations in farmyards with folks that have been my friend for many years and they’ve stood below first-time handshakes with many folks I now call friend. Something about an old pair of boots that’s hard to retire. These have seen their last day on my feet, but I might just need to keep them around from a shelf somewhere in the barn. To witness a little more meaningful barn talk...
Front Porch Forever. • • • #thisismymn #onlyinMN #Home #blessed #growingold
I’ll have another, please.
Old Oars. • • • A lot of stories from the places these oars pulled water back and forth through the years. And now they’re left to blend in with the aging wood on the back side of the shed. #thisismyMN #thisismyMinnesota #onlyinMN #lakecountry
Tack Sharp. Really true about two brands that have made their way into my world. One, grateful for the opportunity to work with @federalpremium this year and really anxious to provide images that help tell their story. A brand that is sharp, accurate and precise. Much like the other tack sharp change I’m making...into the world of @fujifilmx_us. Truly amazed when I squint at the pixels that come out of their body/glass. They provide a sharpness that I haven’t encountered first hand of more than 12 years of doing photography professionally. #fujifilmxt3 #56f1.2 #prime #ammo #ammunition #65creedmor
Antlers get me every time.
Spring Grind. • • It’s been a challenging spring across the Midwest for farmers. Fields were wet before planting started and it’s been a rainy May. With commodity prices still in the tank, this weather and planting schedule has folks worried again. Every little window of opportunity weather-wise must be seized. | #minnesota | #plant2019 | #farming | #corn | #outdoorphotographer | #agriculture | #agphotographer
Happy Africa Day. • • • To say that this place has captured a huge part of my heart would be a vast understatement. Its landscape and people have welcomed our family and has certainly become home away from home. Asante.
Hope you have a playful weekend! • • • #africa #safari #wildlifephotography #massaimara #wild #kenya #onsafari
Magical Morels. • • • There’s just something about these little guys that inhabit enchanted spots in the spring forest floor. Besides the tasty treat in a searing pan of butter, there’s just something special about the hunt. And if you’re not familiar, good luck breaking into the cult...folks are pretty protective of their secret morel mushroom haunts this time of year!
Morning Holler. • • #turkey #turkeyhunting #merriams #wildturkey #gobbler #montana #fujifilm #fuji200f2
Funky Mountain Light. • • The mountains have an amazing way of creating their own weather. And sometimes when you are in the right spot at the right time light in Weather come together in a really cool way. This shot of the sun casting through the snow blowing across the peak lasted for only about 10 seconds. But I was lucky enough to be there with a big lens to capture it. I love those moments.
Tricksters. • • • Had an awesome week filming and shooting with the @gouldbrothers in Branson at the @bassproshops Shooting Academy. Stay tuned on their YouTube channel for some amazing videos.
Clay Pigeons Beware. • • • #trapteam #trapshooting #shotgun #youthshooter